Mr. W has been working with JPAP since his release in the fall of 2022. He is 58 and became blind late in life, because of glaucoma. As he re-entered the DC community, he started to look for an assistive technology device that could help him perform everyday tasks more easily. While he worked with Re-Entry Advocate Curtrice Scott on other aspects of his re-entry, ULS’ DC Assistive Technology Program (DCATP) helped Mr. W identify the right device for him. He visited DCATP’s Demonstration Center and tried a number of devices until he landed on ORCAM MyEye. This voice-activated device allows blind people and people with low vision to read menus, identify dollar bills, read street signs, tell the date and time, recognize their family and friends’ faces, identify products, and more. Mr. W knew that this device would be able to support him unlike any other. ORCAM MyEye, however, is not covered by insurance and has a retail cost of $4,250. Mr. W is currently not working due to his disability and is still waiting to receive Social Security Income (SSI) benefits. Fortunately, to Mr. W’s surprise, JPAP was able to cover the full cost of his new device using America Rescue Plan Act (ARPA) funds intended to assist returning citizens with reentry. He is now able to use it to perform everyday tasks. Check out these great photos from the day that Mr. W received his ORCAM MyEye!


Mr. W reads a sheet of paper with his new device.                       Mr. W uses his phone with his new device.

Mr. W reads a sheet of paper with                  Mr. W. looks at his phone with 

his device.                                                       his device.


Published: October 3, 2023